50 Questions asked in CGL Exam of 29th August (All Sections)

Looking for CGL Questions ? Here are 50+ Questions asked in CGL Exam held on 29th August, 2016 (All Sections Included)

SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1 online exams have started all over the country and aspirants who have their exams in the coming days, are searching the internet for various Questions asked in the CGL Exams held on 27th, 28th, and 29th August, 2016. If, you too have your CGL Tier-1 Exam in coming days, and looking for Questions asked in the Last 3 Days, then you are on the right page, as we are updating our website on Daily basis with Questions asked in the CGL Exam.

In our previous posts, we have shared the maximum Questions, asked in the CGL Exams. You can find these Questions by clicking on the Links below and Today, in this post, we are going to share the 50+ Questions that have been asked in the CGL Exam on 29th August, 2016. It includes Questions from both the Shifts.

Questions asked in CGL Exam on 27th August, 2016 (Morning Shift)

Questions asked in CGL Exam on 27th August, 2016 (Evening Shift)

Questions asked in CGL Exam on 28th August, 2016 (Both Shift)

Questions asked in CGL Exam on 29th August, 2016 (Both Shift)

Moreover, If, you have your CGL Exam on Tomorrow or Day after Tomorrow on any other day in September ( From 1st to 11th ), then we would like to inform you that SSC CGL Admit Cards have been uploaded on the Regional websites, and in case, you have not downloaded the Call letters, then you can do so the earliest, to avoid any last minute troubles.

50+ Questions Asked in CGL Exam on 29th August (All Sections)

On 29th August, 2016, SSC had conducted the CGL Tier-1 online exam, in 2 shifts, in which lakhs of candidates have appeared for the exam, all over the country.

In this section, we are going to share the Questions asked in the SSC CGL Exam of 29th August, 2016. We have categorized the Questions, in 4 Different section, that will make it convenient for candidates for better understanding the pattern of Question being asked in the exam.

Questions from English Section

1) What is Antonymn of “SQUANDER” ?

2) Synonym of “REVILE” ?

3) Idiom of – Keep for

4) Idiom of – Pales in comparison to

5) Idiom of – In one voice

6) Higher the Inflation, ________ the Price

  • Higher
  • The Higher
  • Greater
  • More

7)  Error Spotting

A bird flap (A)/ its wings, flies (B)/ high in the sky and (C)/ returns / NO error (D)

8) Flower uses different textures to ____________ the insects

  • Attract
  • Distract
  • Kill
  • Annoy

Questions from General Awareness Section

1)  Which among the following states has lowest Birth Rate ?
  • Kerala
  • Bihar
  • Delhi
  • Uttar Pradesh
Ans : Kerala
2) Which is the Longest Peninsula river in India ?
Ans: Godavari
3) On which of these product, GST will be applicable ?
Ans Tobacco
4) Which element makes Stainless steel hard ?
5) What causes rainfall in North-western part of India ?
Ans Western Disturbance
6) Sahitya Kala Awards are given in how many languages 
Ans 24 Languages
7) Which human brain is associated with hearing ?
Ans Cerebrum
8) Where the Headquarters of SAARC are located ?
Ans Kathmandu (Nepal)
9) Which among the following is soluble in water ?
  • Sodium Sulphate
  • Lead Sulphate
  • Zinc
  • None of the above
10) Who is the present Prime Minister of Nepal ?
Ans Pushpa Kamal Dahal
11) Under which artcile, citizens are given “Right to Privacy” ?
Ans: Artcile 21
12) Outermost Range of Himalayas 
Ans Shivalik
13) Who among the following is the father of Renaissance in India ?
Ans Raja Ram Mohun roy

Q14. Food conduction in plants is through?

Ans. phloem

Q15. Which is not an external storage memory?

  • CD ROM, 
  • CD RAM, 
  • DVD, 
  • none

Q16. What element causes radioactive pollution in Kerala?

Ans. Thorium

Q17. Which state has the least population?

Ans. Sikkim

Q18. Washing Machine is based on what concept?

Ans. Centrifugation

Q19. Where is Atomic Power plant in Rajasthan?

Ans. Rawatbhata

Q20. Who is the Coach of Indian cricket team?

Ans. Anil Kumble

Q21. When does President address a joint sitting of parliament?

Ans. Constitution amendment bill

Q22. First women Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Sucheta Kriplani

Q23. Another name of World Bank?

Ans. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

Q24. Mission Indradhanush is related to?

Ans. 7 Tika

Q25. Playing it my way autobiography of?

Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

Q26. Why planets do not twinkle?

Ans. They are closer to earth

Q27. Punjab draws water into canals from which river?

Ans. Sutlej River

Q28. What is the purest form of Carbon?

Ans. Diamond

Q29. When government expenditure exceeds its revenue then it is called?

Ans. Budget deficit

Q30. First Indian to win Oscar award?

Ans. Bhanu Athaiya

Q31. Silkworms eat which leaves?

Ans. Mulberry leaves

Q32. What is the product formed when Sodium bicarbonate was heated?

Ans. Products are Carbon dioxide and Sodium oxide

Q33. Wide entry of sea or ocean is called as?

Q34. Properties of x-ray?

Q35. Where is Dilwara Temple of Jains?

Ans. Rajasthan

Q36. What is parliamentary form of Government?

Ans. India is an example of parliamentary form of Government.

Questions from Quantitative Aptitude

Q1. Cost of a piece of cloth is Rs. 32 per metre. A shopkeeper announces 25% discount. If any customer wants to have benefit of Rs. 40 then what length of the cloth he should purchase? 

Q2. Ratio of investments made by A and B is 1/3:1/5. They together invested Rs. 960. Find rhe share of each?

Q3. Area of rectangle is 60 sq m and its perimeter is 34. Find the length of its diagonal?

Q4. In a circle a chord AB is drawn O is the center of the circle Radius of circle is 10 cm Length of Chord AB is 16 cm. Find length of OD, where OD is a perpendicular on the chord AB?

Q5. What will be the venn diagram Men, rodent , living beings?

Q6. Average salary of 19 employees is 40,000. If one more employee joins them the avg salary becomes 44000. Find that newly joined employee’s salary?

Q7. If the CP of an article is decreased by 10%. How much should new CP be increased so that the profit remains same?


34 thoughts on “50 Questions asked in CGL Exam of 29th August (All Sections)

  1. If the CP of an article is decreased by 10%. How much should new CP be increased so that the profit remains same?
    what is the solution for this?

  2. first thing mujhe ye samajh me nahi aa rha hai?? ki morning shift me question tha … purest form of coal na ki carbon jiska ans anthracite hoga…….. and 2nd ye question tha who presides over the joint sitting of lok sabha……..
    q)- which virus continiously changes its address to avoid detection form antivirus…….
    2) when sodium bi carbonate is heated strongly then sodium corbonate is formed.
    3) question me tha ki which of the following is not a properties of Xray….. jiska ans hoga least penetrating power.


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