How to crack CGL 2016 is 30 Days ?

Preparing for SSC CGL 2016 Exam ? Know How to crack the CGL 2016 Exam in 30 Days

As we all know the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam is conducted by CGL every year and the exam is just around the corner. It is very important for the CGL-2016 aspirants to start preparing as soon as possible because the competition is increasing day by day. In today’s time an aspirant has to compete with three types of crowd

• Seniors
• Fresher’s

• Batch mates

It is suggested that you understand the seriousness of the exam and start your preparation.

Little known facts about SSC: Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organization under the Government of India (GOI), to recruit the staff for various posts in various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India also in Subordinate Offices. 

The Staff Selection Commission has its headquarters at New Delhi. At present, there are seven Regional Offices at Allahabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Bangalore and two Sub-Regional Offices at Raipur and Chandigarh. Each Regional Office is headed by a Regional Director and each Sub-Regional office is headed by a Deputy-Director.

Every year thousands and thousands aspirants fill up form for SSC CGL for a stable job post. Before we start the preparation let us have a look at the different job profiles under SSC CGL.

1. Inspector (Central Excise) 
2. Inspector (Examiner) [CBEC]
3. Inspector of Income Tax [CBDT]
4. Inspector (Preventive Officer) [CBEC]
5. Inspector of Posts [Dept. of Post]
6. Assistant Enforcement Officer
7. Divisional Accountant
8. Assistant Section Officer
9. Assistant [Ministry of Railway]
10. Assistant (Ministry of External Affairs)
11. Assistant Audit Officer [Indian Audit & Accounts dept. under CAG]
12. Inspector [CBN]
13. Assistant [Intelligence Bureau ]
14. Sub Inspectors [CBI] and many others. 

Now let us concentrate on the method of preparation by which you can easily crack the SSC CGL-2016. Following is the exam pattern (marking per section)

Here is the Detailed Syllabus for SSC CGL 2016 Exam


CRACK CGL EXAM IN 30 days by following these tips

Is this your aim? : Before you start preparing for the exam it is very important that you keep in mind that it not an easy job to crack an exam overnight. It needs determination and a hell lot of hard work. If you are actually willing to put all your time and effort to this exam then only you should step ahead otherwise you are wasting your time. 
Start preparing like a pre-school student: It is very important that you understand that you can’t crack the exam if you do not have basics. It is suggested that you quickly take an overview of your old books i.e. NCERT book for those formulas tips and tricks to get started.
Concentrate only on your SYLLABUS: Please note that you are short of time and it is very necessary that you keep a check on time and start your preparation only according to the prescribed syllabus. Because in the given amount of time you have to prepare the syllabus and also do the revision.
Look out for books that cover the entire syllabus: Books play a very important role in cracking any examination. If the from which you prepare are well written with examples and tricks in easy to understand language then it is easy for you to prepare. So please keep in mind do not go for any other book. You can also prepare your maths and general knowledge section from NCERT books because these books hardly have any error and you will get each concept properly.
Here is the Complete List of Most Recommended Books for SSC CGL 2016 Exam
(In the above mentioned books you will easily get all syllabuses. But it is suggested that you personally match the book with the syllabus before buying)
Try to concentrate on the topics with high marks weightage: With less time left for the exam you should first concentrate on the topics which have high weightage in the exam and have high chances to appear in exam. By doing this you will be able to clear the cut-off at least. Once you are done with the high weightage then you should concentrate on other section
Each section is important: Please do not concentrate only on one section. Because every section has equal weightage. So give equal attention to each subject and try to concentrate more on your weaker section.
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE: Once you are done with most of the syllabus and you are confident enough that you can sit in exam do not get over confident because your preparation is not over till you sit in the examination hall and take your test. So keep practicing it will surely make your near to perfect.
Previous year papers: It has been noted that the students who cracked exam in previous years, they used to solve the previous year question papers also. Now you will ask why the answer is very simple if you will solve the previous year question papers you will get more clear idea of the exam pattern and you will get to know which sections are more important.
Mock test: When you are left with few days before the examination and you are all set to go start taking mock test. Mock test are very important to attain high accuracy in your examination. By taking mock test you will get the feel of examination hall and you will try to attempt the questions within lesser time and with higher efficiency.
Read newspaper regularly: In these few days it is suggested that you read newspaper daily to gain more knowledge and improve you reading skills. But if you are not a great fan of reading newspaper you can buy a monthly addition of news and event magazine to get your monthly dosage of news.
Never Give Up: Do not lose hope, it is totally ok if you are not well prepared for the exam, you should start in this moment right now. Because it is now or never. Moreover better late than never. So keep practicing and studying until you grab your dream job.
Download Admit cards on Time : Applicants are advised to Download the SSC CGL Admit Card on time, as delaying too much Or downloading just before the exam, can give you troubles, like Server Disconnection, Website Not opening etc. To deal, with this, we have written an effective post on How to Download the SSC Admit Cards
This article will surely help you to crack the exam if you prepare with dedication and determination.
All the best 

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