Expected History Questions for SSC CGL 2016 Exam

Do you Find History Difficult ? Here are the Most expected History Questions for SSC CGL Exam

History isn’t that boring after all if you have swallowed it sip by sip just like bitter gourd (karela) juice. It tastes sour but it is good for your health. Studying and remembering History and the stereotypical dates can be quite boring and annoying. 

But if you do it in a proper manner it can act as a “Ram Ban Ilaj” for your SSC CGL or SSC CHSL any other competitive examination. So today I am here with another amazing set of the quiz and this time it is History. Trust me if you will get the following questions correct you are gonna fall in love with History today onwards.

And yah, thank me later for this. 

Brief overview of History in relation to CGL

History is as important as another subject when it comes to preparing for SSC CGL. After all, this section covers up to 7-12 marks in your examination. Now who would want to keep such high score at stake? 

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Read the following carefully and then choose:

Q1 Who discovered the Mohenjodaro or Mound of the dead in 1922 ? 

1.Dayaram Sahni
2.Aurel Stein
3.MS Vats
4.RD Banerjee
5.None of these

Q2 What was the backbone of Indus valley civilization 

1.Art & Craft
4.Financial Service
5.None of these

Q3 What was another name for Harappa city?  

1.Black Bangle
2.Mound of the Dead
3.Gateway city
4.Lancashire of India
5.None of these

Q4 Which of the following metal was first used by the Indus people? 

5.None of these

Q5 Which river is the deity river in the Rigveda? 

1.The Saraswati
2.The Yamuna
3.The Ganges
4.The Brahmaputra
5.None of these

Q6 Who wrote the great Mahabharata?  

1.Harsha Vardhana
2.Ved Vyas
4.Manav Dharma
5.None of these

Q7 Name the first conqueror who entered into India and destroyed the city of Capisa ? 

5.None of these

Q8 Alexander, who  conquered Kabul in 328BC where was he from? 

5.None of these

Q9 According to History, Lord Mahavir was born in the royal family of Bihar in 599 B.C. 
What was his father’s name? 

5.None of these

Q10 Which of the following Empire period is called the Golden Age of India? 

1.Maratha Empire
2.Magadha Empire
3.Mauryan Empire
4.Gupta Empire
5.None of these

Answer key:

1) 4
2) 2
3) 3
4) 4
5) 1
6) 2
7) 4
8) 3
9) 1
10) 4

Some quick tips:

1. History is a very huge and lengthy subject so it is important that you study it regularly. 

2. Keep a pen and a chart/diary handy to write little notes. Because at exam time you cannot bear the burden of studying it all over again.

3. Don’t stress keep calm and concentrate only on your syllabus.

This is it keep studying and practising. I will soon upload another quiz. You will crack it this time.

Moreover, these Quizzes, that we are sharing on this page, will also be helpful for other Upcoming Exams including the most popular SSC CHSL 2017 Exam, for which the Notification will be announced shortly.

All the best.

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