Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL Exam :Top Expected Questions

Indian Polity Made Easy. Know the Top Expected Polity Questions CGL 2016 Exam

As, the CGL 2016 Exam date is coming near and near, so, you have to gear up your preparation. SSC is yet to announced the Exact exam dates for CGL 2016 Exam. Earlier, the exam was scheduled on 8th and 22nd May, which was postponed to August. Now, this is to seen when SSC will announce the dates, the exact exam information, will be know only after the SSC CGL Admit card will be released.

In the meantime, you can check your preparation by attempting this Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL Exam

Your result depends directly on the amount of studying you have been doing all the way long. But what is more important than practice is what you preach. If you have heard this proverb “Practice what you preach” then you must be aware what I am saying. While preparing for a competitive examination it is really important that you actually keep practicing till it is the actual examination day. 

A brief overview on Indian Polity for SSC CGL exam:

Indian polity cover 8-10 marks in your SSC CGL examination which surely matters a lot. You need to focus on this section to excel in the exam and score high then another student. The Indian Polity section has topics related to Constitution of India, legislature assembly, Amendments, voting etc. All you need to do right now is keep calm study step by step and solve the following quiz without any cheating.


1) How would you define the Constitution in few words? 

a)  The fundamental law of the land.    
b) Law of the land.
c) Administrative law of the land.
d) The constitutional law of the land.

2) Read the following properly and select the option. Who is considered Supreme of all as a source of power 

a) Supreme Court of India.
b) Parliament of India.
c) Constitution of India. 
d) President of India. 

3) What among the following is the Chief source of power is India  

a) The Parliament and State Legislatures.
b) The Constitution.
c) The Parliament.
d) The people.  

4) Who among the following do you think is the Source of Legal Authority or Sovereignty in India?  

a) People of India. 
b) Parliament of India. 
c) Constitution of India.
d) President of India.

5) In whose hands does the Ultimate Sovereignty lie? 

a) Parliament. 
b) People.
c) Supreme Court. 
d) President.

6) Read the question and the options carefully.
What was the exact date when the Constitution of India was adopted and enacted by Constituent Assembly? 

a) August 15, 1947. 
b) November 26, 1949. 
c) January 26, 1950.
d) January 30, 1948.

7) When did the Indian Constitution come into force? Indian Constitution come into force on: 

a) 26 Jan 1950.
b) 26 Jan 1949. 
c) 15 Nov 1950. 
d) 15 Aug 1947.

8) Read the statement and combine it with the correct option
The members of the Constituent Assembly were 

a) directly elected by the people.
b) nominated by the Indian National Congress.
c) elected by the Provincial Assemblies.
d) nominated by the rulers of the Indian States.

9) Who chaired the Provincial Constitution Committee of the Constitution Assembly of India?  

a) Sardar Patel.
b) Jawahar Lal Nehru. 
c) Bishwanath Das. 
d) None of these.

10) Who among the following four was the Permanent Chairman of the Constituent Assembly? 
a) Dr B.R. Ambedkar 
b) Sardar Patel
c) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. 
d) Dr Rajendra Prasad.

Answer Key 

1) a
2) c
3) d
4) c
5) b
6) b
7) a
8) c
9) a
10) d

So that’s all for today. I will be back with another quiz and the subject will be History. So pull up your sock prepare real good and practice practice practice.

All the best 

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